Langham Signs
17th December 2018


Have you been to Terrace Downs?

We have, and not only once! We loved it so much 3 years ago, that we decided to come back again. Terrace Downs is located about an hour away from Christchurch and is right beside Mt Hutt. We brought along 2 of our favourite suppliers, Mike from Sign Supplies and Jason from Cebelio.

Once arrived, we sat down for lunch (and some yummmmmy dessert-see below the beautiful crème brulee) and at 1:30 we headed outside with Neil to the fields to start the competition. Previously Steve had won, and he was quite sure he was going to again, little did he know- our newest team member, Taylor, would be his biggest competition.

 We first started with golf, which was like a target in the grass and you got points for each ring you got it in. Steve hit the pole and landed the ball in the second ring, scoring himself 70 points! Next was archery and this was an interesting round, first up was Mike and he wasn’t sure if he was left handed or right handed, or if he wanted to hold the left handed bow the right handed way and vice versa. After was Bek’s turn, she fired the arrow and it bounced off the grass and split in two. Katie was up next and she somehow managed to make the arrow do a funny little dance on its way to the target.

Last but not least was Clay bird shooting and let me tell you this was quite the round- probably the most successful for every one too- point wise. Carl grew up in Alexandra and was quite familiar with guns, so he was eager to get his shots out fast. Katie- the complete opposite, hadn’t even seen a gun before and got quite the fright on her first shot, yelling ‘OH F**K’! Everyone was taken by surprise how great Linda was, she revealed after that she is lucky to tag along with her partner for some practice, as he does target shooting.

As the scores are called out in no order, Bek is first- scoring 74 and feeling great about it, until Taylor's score is called..194! As everyone else’s is read out we’re all thinking Taylor’s taken it out, but no, out comes Steve’s score, 260! Anna was proud to take the title of 1st place out of the girls and Joel was annoyed that his tummy held him back from the boys.

It was a good ride back in to Rolleston with lot of banter, we headed to The Pedal Pusher for a couple drinks and some fried chicken before we all made our way home.

Another busy year nearly done and dusted, here’s to the last week, a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year!! 

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